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Bond Market Review 

In-depth macro market commentary

Veteran financial analyst Doug Ingram breaks down politics, the Federal Reserve, consumer confidence, and the various factors impacting US rates markets and the economy.

Mission Impossible

Good morning Mr. Phelps ... When I see the IMF, I still think of the Impossible Mission Force from 1960’s TV. Their IMF team would don disguises and use infiltration tactics to free hostages, recover stolen technologies, or thwart a foreign military coup d’état....

The Gargantuan Toolbox

The FOMC’s toolbox is not only beyond imagination but it’s like Bullwinkle’s magical Top Hat that the Fed Chair can reach into and pull out a sizeable surprise. The Bond Market Review recalls that Jerome Powell could not be persuaded (or pressured) into lowering rates...

Irrational Numbers and Vanishing Points

Econometrics is the term given to using mathematical methods such as statistics in describing economic systems. We like throwing our physics background into the mix to incorporate many types of cyclic analysis as well. In the field of mathematics, numbers can be real,...

Five Minute Maturity

Tracking trends in mortgage-backed securities

MBS guru Jim Tait serves up weekly Cherry Picks with a side of fresh advice. Find out what Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are up to, and where the market’s heading.  

01/22/21 – Five Minute Maturity

Good morning! New home starts for the month of December came in at a seasonally-adjusted annual rate of 1.67 million, a 5.8% increase from November’s figure and a 28% increase year-over-year. New home permits for December increased by 4.5% from November’s number to a...

Jewels & Pools 

SBA pool experience you can count on

Dive in to the world of SBA pools. 25-year industry veteran Joel Banes analyzes prepayment speeds and other GGL performance factors.